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how can i forget the guy that thoughts about him are habitual to me? almost impossible. and before make friends with me you should know i have a bad taste in music. for instance: from Zemfira to LSP, from classical music to hard rock; popsa all the time.

what can i do is crying out loud hahahahhahahah


Saturday, the 21st of May.

Hi, it's me. Yesterday I was on the Night Of the Museums in Kharkiv. So I liked it soooo much. When my city has opportunity to be the one whole it makes me happy. I walked through the night time along the Sumskaya street. My love is dead, but I love angels. This is my solution. I'm lying in my bad and thinking of everything that had happened.

I would never miss such possibility to be more than just I am. I feel myself not full, I never forsake this thought.

For t o d a y I have plan: to put things that make me sad into the bin everywhere (in my computer, the material things).

your eyes are suitable for my wallpaper.
polly, stop to live like you have more then 500 years!
I feel completely depressed and soul-killed.
I wanna go outside from the window. Of course I won't do it. You know, I don't want to tell you about such things. I don't allow myself to speak about suicide and about my past. No ballroom, no memories, nothing at all.
Friday, the thirteenth of May.

12:20 I'll come home at 14:20 and then I'll go to my favourite place in Kharkiv. It'll be good friday. In ears the headphones with "LSP", in heart not the same stone as yesterday, the-day-before-yesterday, not anymore even a year ago. I need get rid of this memories. I wanna to find such clinick, where my mind could be clear and spotless.
If you want something, it will come true any way after a certain amount of time, you should be sure in everything you do, love, change.
Oh, may, I'm romantic, I'm a dreamer, I believe in things that exist only in films and books.
In any case, our ways will never to crossbreed. I hope.

21:12 Hello, tomorrow's polly, I wish you get up at seven o'clock and go somewhere to relax from all your problems. GN
fuck me and toss me back on the floor.
This is the most important thing you need to know in your life.
The last my post was about returning your sweetheart (the person you fell in love with). I promised to tell you the result.

I called him hoping he didn't change his phone number. I said to him didn't he realized my voice. And then he painfully said: "Oh God, Polina. What's wrong? Why do you call?". He didn't want to meet me and I can't help my toungue from the bad-bad-bad words. He only laughed. And I didn't expect he to understand.

So. I haven't lost my pride and I am the same Polly, cause I did it, I loved him, I was trying to make things right, hiding the pain that deep in my soul. "Maybe, that's not your way, Polly, not your way."
Still now Adele's song in my mind: "Hello, It's me". She should know the song doesn't work.

"Don't you remember the reason you loved me?" Please, forget every word, every item I said. A girl on summer-breath was wright, but I should try. Now I know ~ that wasn't a good plan.

If you keep the past too much — the future will never come.

This's my recovery: to kiss how much lips I really need to forget him for good and all. You may judge me, call me as a slut or whore. I really don't care. I am the young girl and I wanna do whatever I want.
I can imagine the next my post: "How To Be a Heartbreaker" hahahahhah :// I won't cry anymore because of smbd.

And those thoughts weren't a instant wisdom. That's all. Thankx.

[ yours Polly, xx ]
How To Return The Person You Love So Much.
I have a good plan How To Return The Person You Love So Much.
I know every girl or even boy asked that question to google or their friends, but never found the answer? It's close me.

Feeling myself like Clover from "Totally Spies".

To your attention 4 items how to establish a contact with the person you had troubles/problems because of the personal topics.

1. I thought a lot about "do i really need this person in my life?" Sometimes I said yes, sometimes no; read fortune on flowers; made the tables with pluses and minuses of Him. I recognized: there was nothing comparing with life and the heart's wishes. I deceided I can't live anymore with such thoughts, the right thing is to clarify the situation I stuck for 1,5 year.

2. So what? Try to make friends who know YOUR's sweetheart.
//I did the same. Now I have a short introduction about Him. I know his new hobbies, where he always goes on Wednesday at what time. I have THE POSSIBILITY to meet with Him//

3. It is so important not to miss this possibility. Do your best in that sphere: you can mind anything how to build a conversation or meet.

4. The fourth item isn't an item/It is my fear: he will pass by me without noticing special.

But you should know. Everything is in Your own hands. Wish you keep your head up, keep your heart strong, keep your mind set.

And as always. I'm really hoping it was interesting for you or helpful! The result I'll tell you later.

yours Polly,xx
i am angry!
I can't stand it!
This page my computer couldn't download for more than one week. I was dying without you guys all this days!

I hope it wouldn't be again!
My Life Has a Difficulties Again
I have lost myself again.
You know, yesterday you can be the happiest person ever, but today you are making a suicide. You have to know, I won't make it in anyway, but I will have a terrible thoughts. That all dependes upon the people around you that could make you so sad and depress.

I wrote bad note, I wasn't sorry. I am not sorry. I won't do this.

Vise versa. I wanna go away from my zone of comfort, make my wishes come true, I am not the straight person, I always follow my heart and minds.
So what can I do right in this moment sitting and writing a post. My family is unbearable! The never understand me, they won't let me do things I should do.

I need your support. I need somebody to listen to me what I am saying.

current mood

p u r p o s e
Now I have a great idea to make a scientific video about "TurboAtom".
All I need is self-beleiving and too much time. Oh God, let me to create something increadible for my next lesson of History with the topic of Ukraine's industrialization.

I am praying, crossing my fingers and making the good project for Tuesday!
B-day Girl
Tuesday, the 5th of April.

What's up, guys?
I am glad to see you on my own page here! I need to say, I had B-day yesterday. Even from my childhood I didn't love so much that day. This is weird thing, but my birthdays are for me so difficult! In that way I think I am not good girl, I don't deserve anything for B-day present. But when somebody gives me, something currently for me, my heart begins to beat quickly, my mind is spotless and I am almost on the seventh heaven!

Sixteen. I don't believe I grew up. It happened so fast! Birthdays influence on me prejudicially, but I can't say I'm not the happiest girl in all the world! Caaaaaaaaaaause it's not true!

Yesterday, the 4th of April was really good, nice. sweet!
I love my parents and brother - they are always with me. Without knowing my character you can't imagine how difficul to be with me.

I'm expecting for something increadible and special in this year

Thanx, guys, you've read it!
Be happy, listen to music, keep your head up, make dreams come true and forget bad moments!

xoxo, Polly ♡
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